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Kyu Grading

Kyu gradings will take place on July 9th, 2016. More details to follow.





29th June : Aimee Sell & Kate Karwacinski Course


Many thanks to Kate & Aimee who ran a fantastic Kata & improvement course for beginners, intermediate and higher grades.


The detailed work on Jihon and Heian Nidan will undoubtedly improve our presentation of these Katas.


Visit the gallery for more pictures.

29th June : Dan Grading


Huge congratulations to Harry Davies & Kath Clewett who achieved their 1st Dan (Shodan) today, after a long peroid of hard training.


A big 'well done' also to Paul Davies who gained his 2nd Dan (Nidan) and Liz & Dave Phillips who both gained thier 3rd Dan (Sandan).


All of the extra sessions and hard work really paid off today, in what was a very tough, exhausting, extended grading.


Thanks to Patrizio for your commitent over the last 11 years of Yoshitaka.

Luca Valdesi Course


On 19th January we were invited to train with 9 times wold champion Luca Valdesi in Birmingham.


This excellent training session focused on Unsu and Gankaku, followed by 1.5hr kihon training session.

Luca Valdesi & Students
Luca Valdesi & Students

September 2013 Update

(29/09/13) Last Tuesday (24th Sept) saw the first junior sparring class at Sketty Primary school (6 - 7 pm). This class runs weekly and is open to junior coloured belts wishing to improve their kumite techniques. 


Yoshitaka had a good representation at Sensei Jonathan Mottrams course hosted by St Pats in Cardiff on Saturday 28th September, and more medal success in Sundays competion at the same venue.


Well done to all our competitors :


Daisy Taylor, Under 14 Kata : Silver

Harry Davies, Under 12 Kata : Silver

Luke Morgan, Under 12 Kata : Bronze


With a great showing from Eben Owen, and Oscar Wood against some experienced competitors.



More medals for Yoshitaka!

(24/03/13) A big well done to all who competed. Yoshitaka came away with a Gold and two Bronzes in Kata divisions, and a Silver in Kumite. Excellent performances by all.


Welsh Karate League, Finals

Under 10 Kata: Gold
Under 12 Kata: Bronze

 Under 10 Kumite:  Silver

Special Needs Kata: Bronze

Sensei Mottram Course Cardiff

(16/02/13) A huge thank you to Sensei Green and St. Patrick's Karate Club for making those Yoshitaka Karate-Ka who made the trip to Cardiff feel so welcome. Sensei Mottrams courses never disappoint, they are always enjoyable and you come away with plenty of pointers to work on. The first session was specifically for younger student's who were interested in competition, and Sensei inparted alot of winning tips and technical pointers. The next session focused on Kata development, a solid foundation for any karate-ka looking to improve kata performance - Sensei ran through some drills and ways to focus on precision in performance. The last session ran through Kanku Dai, Sensei ran through technical pointers mixed in with Bunkai (applications) which will really help us to perform the kata not only more correctly but also with more intensity! We look forward to Sensei's next visit to Wales. Oss!

Course Attendees
Course Attendees
Higher Grade Course Attendees
Higher Grade Course Attendees