Competion Results

Yoshitaka External Competition Success

September 24th (Saturday), International Open, Sheffield


Incredibly well done to Oscar!! Third time British International Open karate champion. Pictured here looking deservedly happy with another trophy.


July 3rd (Sunday) Central England Open, Worcester

Well done to Oscar for another outstanding performance in the Central England Open Karate Competition. A hard earned silver after six rounds and only dropping two flags in the final. Outstanding work, Oscar!


June 19th (Sunday) Welsh Junior Open, Cardiff


Another successful karate competition day for Yoshitaka Karate -
3 competitors, 2 golds and 3 bronze medals.
Well done Manon, Joseff and Oscar!



BKF 4 Nations - Sheffield - 28th May

Huge congratulations to Oscar on winning a hard-earnded bronze medal! With over 40 competitors and some very high standard it was another very good day for Yoshitaka Karate Club.

Remember, if you are interested in joining the competition squad, please have a word with Sensei.

Carmarthenshire Open - 21st May 2016

Well done to Manon, Joseff, James and Oscar for representing Yoshitaka with some amazing performances, showing such progress and good sportsmanship. Congratulations to James Cockrill on winning Bronze in KA6 Under 12 Karate Kata at Carmarthenshire Open Karate Competition. Well done James!


Remember, if you are interested in joining the competition squad, please have a word with Sensei.

England Open Championships - Liverpool - 14th May

Wonderful performance from Oscar Wood who has won a well deserved Gold medal in the Under 12 Kata competition. Outstanding work!

Remember, if you are interested in joining the competition squad, please have a word with Sensei.

Welsh Open Championships - Cardiff - 20th March 2016


Wonderful performances from our squad members Laura, Manon, Josh, James, Joseff and Oscar - yet another successful competition:


Laura Bevan - Bronze - Senior Kata

Oscar Wood - Gold - Under 12 Kata


Well done, Joseff for getting through to the second round - awesome work.



Welsh Junior Open - Cardiff - 18th July 2015

Yoshitaka took our largest squad yet to this competition, with new competitors Sam & Seren Parfitt, and Alex & Mikey Phillips in their first big competition.

Awesome performances from all of the squad members saw Yoshitaka dominate the kata categories, with the following results :

Alex Phillips - Bronze - Cat1 (U10 4th Kyu Kata)

Gabby Harris - Gold - Cat3 (10y - 13y 4th Kyu Kata)

Harry Davies - Gold - Cat 4 (10y - 13y 3rd Kyu+ Kata)

Oscar Wood - Silver - Cat 4 (10y - 13y 3rd Kyu+ Kata)

Harry Davies - Gold - Cat 6 (15y+ Kata)

Oscar Wood - Silver - Cat 6 (15y+ Kata)

Gabby Harris - Gold - Cat 7 (13y - 15y 4th Kyu Kata)

Laura Bevan - Silver - Cat 7 (13y - 15y 4th Kyu Kata)

Daisy Taylor - Gold - Cat 8 (15y+ Kata)

Harry & Daisy - Gold - Cat 9 (Pairs)

Oscar & Gabby - Silver - Cat 9 (Pairs)

Harry Davies - Gold - U15 Kumite

Special mention to Harry & Daisy who won the pairs competition, despite NEVER having trained together - with Daisy stepping up in the day.

Well done also to Mikey, Sam & Seren who performed really well on the big stage for the first time.

Cumbria Open - Penrith - 14th June 2015

Well done to a small squad who travelled to Penrith to compete at the Cumbria Open.

Harry Davies : Gold Kata / Bronze Kumite

A huge well done to Luke who was competing in the U16's for the first time, making it through 2 rounds, and also to Gabby in the U13's where she drew the eventual champion in the first round, but narrowly lost 2 - 1.

British Four Nations Championship - Glasgow - 23rd May 2015

Yoshitaka has a fully fledged British Champion in Oscar Wood who won GOLD in the U12 Kata at this prestigious event - well done Oscar!.

Congratulations to Harry Davies & Luke Morgan who won BRONZE in pairs U14 Kata, and well done to Gabby Harris who competed in her first British Championship.

W.K.U. Western England Championships - 3rd May 2015

Superb results from the W.K.U. championship in Western-super-mare, with the squad picking up 3 silvers and 3 golds.

Daisy Taylor :  Silver U16 Black Belt Kata

Luke Morgan : Gold U14 1st Kyu Kata

Harry Davies : Gold U14 Black Belt Kata

Oscar Wood : Silver U14 Black Belt Kata

Harry Davies : Gold U14 Kumite

Harry & Luke : Silver U16 Pairs Kata

And another great effort from Gabby Harris. 

W. K.G.B Closed Cardiff - 15th February 2015

A fantastic day, our squad of 8 competitors winning 7 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

A massive "Well Done" to Welsh Champions :- Daisy Taylor, Gabby Harris, Luke Morgan and Harry Davies. A special mention to Lucy Davies who attended her 1st competition today and Oscar Wood for taking part in his 1st kumite.

Onwards and Upwards guys !!!!
Full Squad
Gabby Harris
Daisy Taylor
Lucy Davies
Steffan Symmons
Oscar Wood
Luke Morgan
Nattie Camillini
Harry Davies

10th Michael Milon Cup, Luxembourg - 17th January 2015

Harry Davies U14 Kata - Gold 

Another amazing performance by Harry up against competitors from across Europe and Russia, only losing 2 flags through the entire competition.

WKU Invitation, Weston-super-mare - 16th November 2014


Harry, Luke and Oscar picked up 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver medals. Awesome performance from the three boys.

WKGB Open Competition, Cardiff - October 12th


Amazing performance by 'Team Yoshitaka' at the W.K.G.B Open on Sunday 12th October.  


Harry  3x Gold   1x Bronze

Daisy  1x Gold   1x Silver

Luke   1x Gold   1x Bronze

Gabby 1x Gold   1x Bronze

Oscar  1x Silver 1x Bronze

Laura  1x Silver


Well done to everyone who competed.

St Pats Invitational, Cardiff - May 11th


A large number of Yoshitaka students attended St Pats for a great day of competition. Well done to all of the students for a hugeeffort in what was, for many, thier first competition.


Podium Results


Harry Davies Kumite : Gold 

Alex Phillips Kickbag Kumite : Gold 

Luke Morgan, Under 13 Kata : Silver 

Nati Camillini, Under 10 Kata : Silver

Mikey Phillips, Under 7 Kata : Silver 

Josh Gabriel, Under 9 Kata : Bronze

James Looker  : Bronze

Oliver Patterson, Under 7 Kata : Bronze


If I have missed you out of this list please let us know via email, or speak to Patrizio, Paul, Liz or Dave


Eurocup at Mittersill, Austria - May 3rd


European level competition attended by nearly 700 competitors from Austria, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, Bosnia, Nepal, Serbia and Wales.


The standard was very high and Harry Davies manged to win both his individual category, and along with his team mates from Cardiff, Cory Giles and Laurence Armstrong also the boys team kata.


Harry Davies Under 12 Kata : Gold

Harry Davies Under 12 Team Kata : Gold


Well done to Harry! We are very proud of you.

Welsh Karate League - March 23rd


For the WKL season :


Steffan Symonds Champion of Champions (Disability Over 14 Kata)

Harry Davies runner up Champion of Champions (Under 12 Kata)


And on the day :


Harry Davies Under 12 Kata : Gold

Harry Davies Under 12 Kata : Gold

Steffan Symonds, Over 14 Disability Kata : : Bronze


Well done to Harry & Steffan for a great season.

UK Open - Dudley, February 16th


Harry, Cory & Lawrence Under 14 Team Kata : Gold

Harry, Cory & Lawrence Under 14 Team Kumite : Gold

Harry Davies, Under 12 Kata : Bronze

Harry Davies, Under 12 Kumite : Bronze


Harry competed in the UK Open on Sunday 16th February and did us all proud, he won a bronze in individual kata and kumite and along with Cory Giles and Laurence Armstrong from our sister club, St Pats Karate Club in Cardiff, won the U14 team kata and team kumite - a fantastic achievement by any standards with our boys being only 10 and 11 years old.


Keep up the good work boys and well done Harry !!!!

Previous Years Results


Previous years competition results are available at the Competition History link.

Do you want to compete?

Although not mandatory for Yoshitaka students there are multiple opportunities for Karate-ka to compete in either Kata (forms) or Kumite (fighting) or both at various levels.


The United Schools of Karate Wales annually holds an internal Kata competition which is a great place to start competing. There are also local/regional and national mixed style championships that Yoshitaka students are encouraged to enter when they are ready to do so. Through the affiliations of the United Schools of Karate Wales all club members can compete in a range of all-style karate competitions at national and international levels.


Many local Karate Organisations also hold championships which Yoshitaka Karate Club regularly supports and if you would like Yoshitaka to attend your competition please do contact us.